10 Tips to Providing a World Class Customer Service Experience

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At Triniter, as you know, providing a world class customer service is crucial to any industry. it’s generally said, ‘Four right things balance a wrong’, which really might not be the case for every customer. Now, what do we really mean by the statement?

Well, the statement in this industry or in general means that making up for a mistake that was made is rather very difficult than making the mistake itself. In other words, while it may take years to earn a good enough reputation but takes just seconds to lose one, which I am sure, many of us will agree to.

It’s actually the customers that can make or break a company or a brand. A single bad review by a customer can land a company in ruins.
I’m very sure that once up till now we all must have experienced poor customer service from a leading brand or a company and then decided to boycott the company or the brand altogether. We have, haven’t we?

world class customer service

But the million-dollar question is, what really is a good or bad customer service or a world class customer service for that matter. The answer to this question might vary from person-to-person. But simply put, World Class customer service is nothing but providing the customer with the absolute satisfaction in lieu of the needed service to the point that the customer not only becomes a repeated consumer of the service but is also convinced to share this delight with his/her friends and tags them along the next time they visit to acquire the service.

If it’s only a customer that makes a company flourish, it’s as well only a customer that can ashen the company’s reputation. While good service can make a chain of customers, it’s only a customer who can break that chain by posting a bad customer review.

In this time of social media, where everyone is dependent on the internet for almost anything and everything, a bad customer review surfacing online can make customers go away before they even tried the service for themselves. Nowadays, people believe their ears more than their eyes which is the ultimate problem for many.

While we may have been assuming to doing things the right way with customers in mind, they really would not have been satisfied. While many companies claim to be providing the World Class customer services to their customers, there are only a few to be actually doing the same.

So, how do we ensure the world-class service to a customer? Let’s take a look at some of the key tips vitally essential to keep the customers flowing.

1. Take a Note of the Customer’s Needs


Many customer service providers appear to be listening to their clients. But are they really listening? Guess, not! Companies just pretend to be listening to customers but they really do be doing things their own way.

In order to avoid losing any of your customers, listen more and talk less, only when and where it’s necessary. Be sure to carefully listen to their needs and be attentive to them. Never forget the fact that a customer is a priority and his/her needs come first. Along with that, make sure to note that a customer is never wrong.

2. Respond to Each and Every Question they might be Asking

A customer is always a priority. So, make sure to answer and clear each of their doubts that may have and raised.

Sometimes, there can be miscommunication related to a product or service that might be complex and can lead to further confusion. It is, therefore, advised to keep the entire working process or details of the service or product on the table before the customer even asks about them so any confusion that could have come up otherwise could be suspended.

Additionally, following the above advice might as well end up impressing the customer, which would prove to be a plus for the company.

3. Respond to All the Customer Service Queries and in a Short Time

A section of complaints from the customers upon surveying was about the fact that when called to a customer service center, the automated operator says, “Your call is important” but on contrary is not what the customer feels.

Most of the companies have usually a long wait time and which also many times results in customers hoping to a rival company in search of their needs.

It is really important to answer the calls of customers or give them a callback, whichever possible first. If possible, have a back office support team for customer support.

Not just calls, replying to the emails, or to any other sort of media is also necessary. At most, the calls or emails of the customers should be returned in a day or two. Any time more than that, would not feel very endearing to the customers.

4. World Class Customer Service: Use Automated Responses

It is very important to make a customer feel that his query or complaint is being listened to. Though it’s equally important to act upon it as well, but to complaints and queries which cannot be responded to immediately, the system of automated responses should be used instead to make the customer feel like the first priority and important.

This simply gives the customer hope that he would be listened to and would not have to wait for much longer.

On the other hand, where no automated responses are sent to customers, a customer might tend to go elsewhere for his needs for simply assuming that he is being ignored which might not be the case otherwise.

5. Make it Easier for the Consumer to Find Contact Details of the Company and Contact Support

More frequently than usual, it’s really not easy to find the contact details of the company on their sites. As a result, customers end up searching for the contact details of the company somewhere else on sites that may not be authentic.

The internet is literally flooded with these kinds of sites which might display false information and might try to steal a user’s information.

It is rather recommended for the companies to make it easier for a customer to navigate to contact details which will be healthy for both the customer and the company.

The company should try to make available the major sources of communication such as emails, communication through call readily available to a customer. There may be companies that would have either of the services and might pose a problem for the customer who is trying to reach the support and get help in time.

6. Keep Updating the Customers with the Appropriate Information

Keeping the customers updated with the appropriate amount and on-time information is very important to maintain the customer happy. At times, it can be really difficult to contact the customer service for important information or query that can be small but crucial. Hence, the customer support contacting the consumer itself can help the company in the long run in keeping the customer loyal to the company.
Don’t keep the customer on waiting on information which had to be updated to him/her.

But, be sure to not call or disturb the customer so frequently which ultimately makes him/her leave the service.

7. Hiring Capable Candidates

Many companies usually make the mistake of hiring just anyone regardless of the fact that he/she might or not be capable of performing the required service.

Employees who are not skilled and trained into talking and charming the customers might result in the company losing their valuable customers.

Hiring the right employee who is skilled and trained creates a positive impact and impression on the customer and can say to be an important aspect where customer satisfaction comes into play.

A capable and right candidate would know how to talk to customers and what charms to use into influencing them or simply solving their problems.

8. Leave the Customer Feeling Happy and Satisfied

When a customer approaches the service center with a complaint of some kind, this becomes very important to resolve his/her complaint and leave the customer feeling happy and satisfied with the fact that his/her complaint has been addressed and resolved in a decent manner.

In this case, the customer might also be agitated and on the furious side, hence it becomes very important for the customer service provider to maintain his/her calm in this situation and try to cool down and reason with the customer. This would prove to be impressionable on the customer and might as well convince the customer to keep his cool and act in a coherent way.

9. Act in a Coherent Way

As mentioned numerous times in the above text, a customer always comes first. A customer should be a topmost priority for the company.

This means that however agitated the customer might be or however senselessly he/she might be behaving, he/she should never be shouted upon or should be made to feel offended in any way.

If a customer makes his/her way to the customer service provider of the company concerned, then the customer would be facing some concrete issues that would require some serious attention. Try to be understanding and empathetic towards the customer. Hence, in the best interest of the company, it is rather advisable to always maintain your calm.

10. Be Honest

A customer should always be treated with respect and honesty. He should never be lied to should be played games with. Loyal customers are really very difficult to find in this era of people being fickle-minded. Hence, try to keep the customer updated with relevant information so that the customer doesn’t feel like things were being tried to hide from him. Consumers are not stupid and treating them in such a way can pose consequences to the company.

Be totally open and honest with the customers and make them believe that you can be trusted by them.

Today, customers have a variety of options to choose through and they can be quickly switching from one place to another. To gain them as loyal customers, prove to them why your company is different from your competitions and make them believe that you can be trusted.

Reflect upon where you lag or where you could improve your service to provide your customers with the kind of satisfaction they expect from you.

Many companies ignore the fact if their customers are even satisfied or not. This huge mistake can simply be avoided by cross-checking with the customer if they are satisfied with the kind of service they are being provided with. A follow-up with a customer is really important and is sure to pay in the long run.

Nothing goes perfectly and making mistakes is inevitable but what matters more is how and how sooner you correct those mistakes and make your customers happy.

If the customers can make you, they as well have the power to break you so be sure that you know your choices make the right ones.

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